Careers at Mount Nittany Health

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Mount Nittany Health is proud of the care and service provided to our patients and our community, and we're pleased to share our expertise and resources by educating the healthcare providers of the future.

All internships at Mount Nittany Health must be under the direction of an accredited educational institution and fulfill academic credit for that institution. Internship placements at Mount Nittany Medical Center and Mount Nittany Physician Group are unpaid opportunities to gain professional development and exposure to real world experiences in a variety of health care professions. We require an educational affiliation agreement with the educational institution prior to arranging student internship experiences.

We accept students who are currently enrolled in either an accredited professional preparation program or a professional program leading directly to certification, registration or licensure in a healthcare profession. If you are a student in an accredited program with which we have an educational affiliation agreement, please read the information below and proceed with the application process.

Internship applications for the Spring 2023 semester will be accepted from September 1st through October 15th. Click here for the link to the application.

Note: The above information applies to students in non-provider-level programs. For more information about these student experiences, or to establish an educational affiliation agreement for your school, please contact the education department at  or 814.231.7174. If you are enrolled in a provider-level program and are seeking a student experience with a physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner, please contact Janice Witt-Stephens in the medical staff office at