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Schedule an Appointment

Mount Nittany Health offers many convenient ways to schedule appointments, including telehealth and same day appointments.

New patients interested in scheduling an appointment should search for a provider, care service, or find a location and call to speak with someone about the appointment options. You can also request a new patient account for Please note that not all Mount Nittany Health offices offer direct self scheduling through the portal.

Existing patients can login to to schedule an appointment or message their provider directly. If no appointments are available in the patient portal, please call the office to learn more about your appointment options.

Same day, self-schedule appointments

Mount Nittany Health offers patients the option to self-schedule appointments online in their patient portal account for convenient same day care. Whether you’re battling a sore throat, muscle aches, or other acute sick symptoms, our dedicated team is here to provide you with expert and timely care. There are different options for children and adults.

For Children: Acute pediatric appointments require an in-person visit and are available exclusively on the same day, ensuring your child’s immediate care needs are met.

For Adults: We offer same day appointments virtually through telehealth visits using video calls. Adult appointments can be conveniently scheduled a few days in advance, providing flexibility to accommodate your busy schedule. Simply log into your Mount Nittany Health portal to get started.


Patient Portal

Telehealth Visits

Telehealth visits are available to all patients whose primary care provider is a Mount Nittany Health physician. Regardless of who your primary care provider is, or which Mount Nittany Health location you normally visit, all patients can take advantage of this service and can now schedule these services on their portal.

Telehealth Appointments
Front of the new location of Mount Nittany Health Express Care with a coming soon sign
Coming Soon

Mount Nittany Health ExpressCARE

Mount Nittany Health ExpressCARE, located in the Hills Plaza in State College, PA on South Atherton Street, will offer same-day patient visits with no appointment needed. The 2,400 sq. ft. location will be open seven days a week and available to everyone in the community, not just Mount Nittany Health patients. ExpressCARE is perfect for patients without a primary care provider or for appointments outside of your provider’s regular office hours.

Mount Nittany Health ExpressCARE