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About Us

Our Mission

Healthier People, Stronger Community.

Our compassion, excellent clinical care and extraordinary service make us the community’s preferred choice.

Alliances with Patients

We will treat all patients with dignity and respect, and we will accommodate individual responses to the stress of illness.

We fully support the principles of Patient Rights and Responsibilities.

We commit to a service excellence philosophy that strives to meet or exceed patient expectations.

All patients receive a uniform standard of care throughout all of our facilities, regardless of social, cultural, financial, religious, racial, gender or sexual orientation factors.

Our medical staff works to ensure that patients receive only appropriate and effective tests, procedures and treatments.

Community Relations

We will fairly and accurately represent ourselves and our capabilities to the public.

We are committed to constant preparation for the long-term financial viability of Mount Nittany Health through responsible utilization of resources in support of our commitment to meet the healthcare needs of the community.

Mount Nittany Health’s leadership (executives, board of trustees and medical staff) will disclose and avoid potential conflicts of interest. All other staff will avoid similar conflicts of interest.

We will maintain an open treatment policy: no patient will be refused evaluation and service based upon sex, age, race, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, infection status or the ability to pay. Transfers to other facilities will occur only when we are unable to provide needed services and only to facilities that provide an appropriate level of care based on our assessment of the patient’s needs.

Patients may also request elective transfer, and an informed consent process will be followed.