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Employee Recognition

Stacy Olenoski, Internal Communications Coordinator

Stacy Olenoski, Internal Communications Coordinator

Stacy Olenoski
Internal Communications Coordinator

Mount Nittany Health is lucky to have dedicated team members with an average tenure of more than eight years of service to the health system. Stacy Olenoski, Internal Communications Coordinator, has been an incredible asset to Mount Nittany Health, serving for twice that long – nearly 15 years.

“Stewardship is being wise and creative with your resources.”

Through her remarkable gift of visual design, Stacy tells the powerful story of Mount Nittany Health. Undoubtedly you have seen Stacy in the halls of Mount Nittany Medical Center, placing signage, taking photographs, managing bulletin boards and photo cases, or visiting the offices of our 19 different locations with new posters and art to display. She continually goes above and beyond in her work to ensure that the health system’s brand is easily recognizable and conveys our values and mission.

Stacy exemplifies all of Mount Nittany Health’s values but she is best known for her stewardship; using her talents and creativity to be effective with our organization’s resources. Her commitment is driven by a strong conviction to make Mount Nittany Health a better place and to be fiscally responsible while doing so!

Stacy positively impacts those who are lucky enough to work with and know her. She maintains a great relationship with her colleagues and the many local vendors who appreciate her cheerful demeanor and punctual communication efforts. Stacy is a wonderful Mount Nittany Health ambassador whose leadership within the marketing and communications department continually improves the visual environment we experience every day. Outside of work, she is an award winning dance instructor and choreographer at a local dance academy and accompanies students to dance competitions across the country.

Stacy’s enthusiasm, dedication, and vast organizational knowledge greatly benefit her team in countless ways. Mount Nittany Health thanks her for exemplifying the value of stewardship and contributing to our mission of “Healthier people, stronger community.”