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Our commitment to community engagement is the heart of our mission: “Healthier People, Stronger Community.” Here’s why.

Supports our Mission

Through community activities, Mount Nittany Health contributes to the health of those we serve.

Brand Promise

It’s part of who we are! Every action speaks to our commitment to the community’s health and well-being.

Leadership and Service

For 120 years, we have served this community as an independent, community-governed healthcare system. Community engagement is a key part of our identity.

Strengthening Connections

By actively engaging with our community, Mount Nittany Health connects with our patients and families to build relationships and trust.

Doing the Right Thing

Mount Nittany Health recognizes our role and responsibility in the broader community. Engaging with the community is an important part of being a responsible and caring organization.

Join us in making a difference because, at Mount Nittany Health, we believe thriving communities start with caring hearts.

Members of the Women and Children's Unit standby for a ribbon cutting at the Schlow library lactation space


Sponsorships are a big part of our community engagement efforts. We support local events, charities, and programs, building relationships with the communities we serve and supporting the critical work of our nonprofit partners. Learn more about sponsorships and how to submit a sponsorship request.


Grants are another important way Mount Nittany Health works to fulfill our mission of “Healthier People, Stronger Community.” Learn more about our grant opportunities.

Community Health

At Mount Nittany Health, we are committed to our mission of “Healthier People, Stronger Community.” One way we strive to fulfill that mission is through Community Health. These health and wellness initiatives benefit the health system, our patients, and our community.