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Mount Nittany Health partners with nonprofit organizations through grant funding to benefit our healthcare system, patients, the community, and the nonprofit organizations that support our friends and neighbors. We strive to partner with organizations and programs to promote the following:

Access to Care

Nonprofit organizations often serve underserved communities with limited access to healthcare services. Partnering with Mount Nittany Health allows them to extend their reach and provide medical care to more individuals in the community.

Enhancing Community Health

Mount Nittany Health partners contribute to community health initiatives by working with nonprofit organizations focused on health and wellness. This can improve overall health outcomes and well-being in the region.

Collaborative Efforts for Health Promotion

Nonprofit organizations frequently engage in health promotion and education efforts. Supporting these organizations enables Mount Nittany Health partners to collaborate on public health campaigns, disease prevention, and health education programs.

Strengthening Community Ties

Partnering with nonprofit organizations can foster strong relationships with the local community and build trust. This can build a healthcare organization’s reputation and long-term success.

Notably, the specific reasons for partnering with nonprofit organizations may vary based on Mount Nittany Health’s mission and the needs of the communities we serve.

Nonprofit organizations interested in submitting a grant request should send them to: Kerri Kubalak, Manager of Community Engagement, at Please include the following in your request.

  • IRS Status 501c3
  • Organization name and vision
  • Detailed description of the program for which you are requesting support
  • Metrics or data to support the program
  • Reach of the program to include communities served by the program
  • Sustainability of program
  • Expandability of program
  • Contact information