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Employee Recognition

Diane Elliott, MS, BSN, RN – BC, Professional Development Specialist

Diane Elliott, MS, BSN, RN – BC, Professional Development Specialist

Diane Elliott, MS, BSN, RN – BC
Professional Development Specialist

Mount Nittany Health is fortunate to have an incredible team of clinical educators and professional development specialists who provide Mount Nittany Health nurses and healthcare professionals with a comprehensive education as they enter the health system, and with continuing education throughout their careers. They help to ensure that nurses and the overall organization earn national accolades for quality, evidence-based practice and patient safety.

“Integrity is doing the right thing consistently, even when no one is watching or will ever know.”

Diane Elliott, MS, BSN, RN – BC, Professional and Organizational Development, is a wonderful example of a professional development specialist who consistently goes above and beyond to provide extraordinary services and educational opportunities to Mount Nittany Health team members. Recently, she was the recipient of the Education Patient C.A.R.E. Award, which honors staff members for their outstanding performance and commitment to making people healthier.

Diane is known for her strong communication skills, enthusiasm, clarity, and professionalism. She is caring, knowledgeable, and possesses strong clinical experience. Diane is passionate about what she does each day and it shows. She makes new healthcare professionals feel at ease as they join the team, and she helps seasoned nurses sharpen their skills so they can provide comprehensive clinical care to the community.

Each day, Diane goes above and beyond to improve culture and workflow within the organization. She has been an incredible asset to the Mount Nittany Health team for more than 25 years, and we are fortunate to have her contributing to our mission of “Healthier people, stronger community.”