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Steven Cogan, CRNP, Population Health

Steven Cogan, CRNP, Population Health

Steven Cogan, CRNP
Population Health

Population health is described as referring to the health status and health outcomes within a group of people rather than considering the health of one person at a time. It brings significant health concerns into focus and addresses ways that resources can be allocated to overcome the problems that drive poor health conditions in the population.

“Respect is a life concept. It is who you are at the end of the day.”

Steven Cogan, CRNP, has worked as a critical care nurse at Mount Nittany Health for the past nine years and recently joined the Population Health team after receiving his Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner license. He earned his Bachelor of Science in business and later in nursing from Penn State Altoona and recently earned his Master of Science in Nursing from Penn State.

As a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner, Steven provides high-quality care to his patients while also valuing their individual needs and preferences. His compassionate approach and ability to listen and communicate effectively have earned him the respect and admiration of both his patients and colleagues. Steven’s dedication to respecting the dignity of his patients has resulted in improved health outcomes and increased patient satisfaction. He serves as an example of the critical importance of respect in the healthcare profession and beyond.

“I like to establish a rapport with my patients and develop a ‘steps’ approach to care that makes sure the treatment that we are following is safe and well tolerated,” Steven said. “I also have a background as a personal trainer, so a focus on fitness and nutrition is something I continue to encourage.”

Mount Nittany Health is pleased to have Steven serving as a provider of its population health pilot program.