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Volunteer Resources

Volunteers make a difference!

Mount Nittany Health volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and range in age from 18 years old to 91 years young.

Volunteers provide important services to patients and staff. Some work directly with patients, while others assist the hospital and Foundation. Volunteering is a rewarding experience that contributes to our healthcare system in so many ways. We hope you’ll join us today!

Why Volunteer?

  • Utilize your skills to assist patients, visitors, and staff
  • Provide help to medical professionals so they can provide more direct patient care
  • Obtain experience in a clinical setting
  • Provide superior customer service and create positive experiences for people
  • Explore career opportunities
  • Make contacts that are important for career options

Volunteer Requirements

  • You are a dependable person with a sincere desire to help others
  • You are 18 years of age or older
  • You can commit to at least two shifts per month of three to four hours in length

Steps to Become a Volunteer

  • Complete and submit the volunteer application
  • Complete a 30-minute initial interview
  • Selected volunteers will also complete the following:
    • Provide proof of COVID-19 immunizations or sign a declination form
    • Background checks
    • Attend a one-hour orientation
    • Training sessions with experienced volunteers

Volunteer Duties

  • Greet and escort patients and visitors
  • Perform clerical duties
  • Retrieve wheelchairs and return them to their proper locations
  • Maintain cleanliness of patient and public waiting areas
  • Discharge patients as needed
  • Work in the Medical Center Gift Shop

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Ambulatory services department
  • Emergency department
  • Endoscopy department
  • Foundation Events – Charity Ball and/or Golf Classic
  • Gift and coffee shop
  • Guest services
  • Patient floors
  • Reception desk
  • Volunteer department

Pet Therapy Program

Mount Nittany Health’s pet therapy program to enhances the overall well-being of our patients, staff, and the Centre region. The dogs participating in Mount Nittany Health’s Pet Therapy Program undergo strict testing processes, and are certified by organizations like the Alliance of Therapy Dogs and Therapy Dogs International. Both the therapy dog and owner go through volunteer training at Mount Nittany Health.

Pet Therapy Volunteer Requirements

The handler will be a minimum of 18 years-of-age and is required to become a volunteer of Mount Nittany Medical Center and meet each requirement for the Volunteer Services Program.

All Pet Therapy teams must be registered with an established pet therapy organization as recognized by the American Kennel Club. A copy of the ID card is required and must be updated yearly. This registration must be made visible with an identity marker on the dog or handler as required by the pet therapy organization.

The therapy dog must meet the following health requirements prior to starting. Copies of current and updated records will be kept on file at the Volunteer Services office. Copies required to be on file include:

  • An annual check-up attested to by a licensed Veterinarian.
  • Dog license number (to be updated annually unless it is a “lifetime” license)
  • Mandatory rabies vaccine (1, 2, or 3 year – must be given by a Veterinarian) with current copy of certificate
  • A series of core distemper, hepatitis, and parvovirus vaccinations
  • A negative fecal exam must have been done within the past year
  • A negative heartworm test must have been done within the past year unless the dog is on preventative medication. Documentation needs to be provided by a veterinarian stating the pet is on preventative medication.

Volunteer Program Frequently Asked Questions

If I served as a volunteer previously, why do I need to reapply?

Many things have changed in recent years. All volunteers need to reapply to ensure we are compliant with hospital regulations.  All volunteers will be required to participate in an orientation/annual education session.

If you have additional questions, please contact: 

Monique Behrer
Volunteer Resources Manager
Mount Nittany Health Foundation
1800 East Park Ave
State College, PA 16803