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Celebrating Doctors’ Day

On March 30, 2024, Mount Nittany Health will proudly recognize Doctors’ Day, a time to celebrate our amazing doctors and all they do to care for our patients. Our doctors also fill important leadership roles throughout the health system. And they spend hours giving back by volunteering to causes that are vital to our community.

Mount Nittany Health doctors work together to care for patients every step of the way in their healthcare journeys.

The story of Jeffery Jones

After months of not feeling well and going undiagnosed, Jeff went to the Emergency Department on Christmas Eve. He was admitted and put under the care of Sarah Bork, MD, FHM, who is part of Mount Nittany Health’s Hospitalist team. He was finally on his way to receiving some answers.

Dr. Bork’s careful examination of Jeff’s symptoms and history helped her track down the cause of Jeff’s illness: a tick bite that occurred in late summer. Jeff was diagnosed with Babesiosis – a parasite that causes flu-like symptoms. If left untreated, Babesiosis can result in death.

“I can’t say enough about the care the Emergency Department and Dr. Bork provided me,” said Jeff. “They saved my life.”

Award-willing Care Close to Home

The excellent care Jeff received from Mount Nittany Health’s doctors happens here every day, and it’s made possible by a team approach and patient-centric commitment. To ensure that patients can always get award-winning care close to home, Mount Nittany Health has spent extensive time this past year developing plans that provide the best care and healing environment for patients like Jeff. In preparation for the construction of a new 10-story patient tower, we consulted with doctors, staff, patients, and caregivers.

We wanted to learn how to maximize the use of space for doctors and create a healing environment for patients. We learned that doctors function best in efficient work spaces with state-of-the-art technology. Patients want privacy to spend time with their loved ones who aren’t well.

The patient tower will change the landscape of our health system. But most importantly, it will change how people feel.

Patients want to feel comfortable when they’re healing. With 168 private rooms, the patient tower will provide privacy, relaxing views of nature, and ample space for loved ones to visit. Our doctors will have access to well thought out spaces designed with teamwork, communication, and patient care in mind.

Quotation mark
Jeffery Jones

“The care I received meant so much to me. I’m appreciative of the staff at Mount Nittany Health who pulled me through such a hard time.”

Jeffery Jones Mount Nittany Health Patient

This Doctors’ Day, we’re asking you to give to help fund the patient tower at this pivotal moment for healthcare in our region. Your generosity will enable us to continually improve the care environment for doctors like Dr. Bork and patients like Jeff.

Join us in celebrating Doctors’ Day by giving in honor of a Mount Nittany Health physician who has touched your life, or the life of a loved one, and to support the healthcare needs of our community.

Ways to Give


Please make checks payable to:

Mount Nittany Health Foundation
1800 E. Park Avenue
State College, PA 16803

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Please call, 814.234.6777

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