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Celebrating National Nursing Assistants Week

Celebrating National Nursing Assistants Week

Mount Nittany Health is proud to recognize and celebrate the incredible contributions of nursing assistants during National Nursing Assistants Week, which takes place from June 14th through June 20th. This annual observance provides an opportunity to honor the dedicated and compassionate nursing assistants who play a vital role in providing quality care to patients across our health system.

Nursing assistants offer essential support to nurses, physicians, and other healthcare staff. Their hard work, patient-focused skills, and commitment are essential to ensuring a positive patient experience and optimal health outcomes. Mount Nittany Health extends its deepest appreciation to all nursing assistants for their exceptional service and unwavering dedication.

Amber Shaw, RN, Manager, ICU/PCU, Mount Nittany Health expressed her admiration for the nursing assistants, stating, “Our nursing assistants are the backbone of our patient care teams. They go above and beyond to provide compassionate care, lend a listening ear, and offer a comforting presence to our patients. Their commitment to excellence and dedication is truly inspiring.”

National Nursing Assistants Week also serves as an opportunity to highlight the crucial role nursing assistants play in the overall health system. Their expertise and compassion are instrumental in creating a healing environment for patients and their families.

“Nursing assistants are indispensable in providing crucial support to patients in their daily activities,” said Dena Johnston, RN, Manager, Medical and Surgical, Mount Nittany Health. “From monitoring vital signs to assisting with meals and ensuring patients’ personal hygiene needs are met, their work is carried out with compassion and respect, always treating each patient with the utmost dignity they deserve.”

National Nursing Assistants Week honors the contributions of all nursing assistants throughout the history of the U.S. The first nursing assistants helped care for wounded soldiers during World War I, and in 1987, the U.S. government set standards for certified nursing assistant training, which included caregiver training/certification.

Thank you to all of the wonderful nursing assistants at Mount Nittany Health for contributing to our mission of “Healthier people, stronger community.”