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Employee Recognition

Mount Nittany Health Employee’s Heartwarming Gesture

Mount Nittany Health Employee’s Heartwarming Gesture

Each day, Mount Nittany Health takes immense pride in celebrating the compassion and kindness of its incredible employees. Recently, Jack Woodring, Facilities and Plant Operations, and his wife Jeanne, donated a large box of new plush toys to Mount Nittany Medical Center’s Emergency Department.

“We are grateful to Jack and Jeanne for their generosity,” said Adrienne Krasowitz, Executive Director, Mount Nittany Health Foundation. “I’m proud that Mount Nittany Health has a deep-rooted culture of community service, and thankful for the dedicated and compassionate individuals who go above and beyond every day to care for our patients.”

“When I make deliveries to the Emergency Department, the sight of Mount Nittany Health’s youngest patients bravely facing their hospital visit often touches me,” said Woodring. “Knowing how daunting this experience can be, I hope that a teddy bear or plush toy, given by one of our nurses or providers, will bring comfort and smiles during what might be a difficult time.”

As a family, Woodring and his wife are grateful for the support they have received from Mount Nittany Health, and they view this as an opportunity to give back. They have donated plush toys several times to the Medical Center, and they are avid supporters of the Jared Box Project. Woodring’s son Jarrod is also a member of the Mount Nittany Health family, and serves the health system as a security officer.