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Employee Recognition

Saluting Veteran Tony Pellman

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Mount Nittany Health is fortunate to have many employees who are veterans and have honorably served in every branch of the United States Military. Tony Pellman, Biomedical Technician, Mount Nittany Health, served in the Army National Guard for 20 years.

From a young age, Tony was fascinated by electronic technologies, but he was unsure of how to seek the education to pursue his interest. Several of his classmates shared information about opportunities they were promised in the military, which provided training and college tuition assistance to young adults. When Tony was 17, between his junior and senior year of high school, he met with a military recruiter. “Following what I imagine was one of the easiest conversations for any Army recruiter, I found myself starting the Army Bootcamp at Fort Leonardwood in Missouri in 1984,” said Tony.

“I was the fourth child of a set of incredibly hardworking and loving parents,” said Tony. “At the time, I wanted to seek higher education in the things that interested me. I had the feeling that I needed to contribute in any way possible, so the burden would not fall on my parents alone. I was so proud to be in uniform in the presence of my mom and dad. Though there were several people who served in my extended family, I was the only one in my immediate family in the military.”

During his time in the Army, Tony held the ranks of Sergeant, First Lieutenant, and Warrant Officer. When he first enlisted in the military, he was in communications. He finished his career commanding an artillery unit located in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, and as a Targeting Officer for the 28th Division Artillery Army National Guard. He retired from the Army in 2004.

To this day, Tony lives by the military standard that was engrained in him many years ago: Failure is not an option. “No one that has experienced military training wants to be the only one who drops out, or who fails and is sent home,” said Tony. “I believe this alone has been one of the greatest and most valuable lessons given to me. It doesn’t mean failure never happens, but that it doesn’t present as an option. When difficulty presents itself, I believe that it is most important to seek solutions and improve upon them as you go.”

The greatest lessons Tony was taught during his service were from his command time. “It was during this time that I began to appreciate the talents and abilities you witness in peers, subordinates, and superiors,” he said. “You learn to appreciate and value the talent another might possess, which may be greater than your own. Only then can you apply your best efforts to add to the goal of success.”

Tony is extremely proud to have two children both serving in the Air Force Reserve. “My son is a hardworking family man, and my daughter is currently pursuing a career in sonography,” said Tony.

Although Tony finds that military careers seldom translate directly into civilian employment, he notes that the level of responsibility is comparatively equal. An officer that mentored Tony once said, “You can delegate authority, but never responsibility.” In his work at Mount Nittany Health, Tony believes it is his responsibility to support the maintenance of the medical equipment so those who use it can focus on their talents and expertise. “At work, I enjoy that I cannot predict what I will be called to do next. My work varies and changes in the moment, and it has to be constantly prioritized. I find that I am never working on the same thing for too long.”

“During my 10 years with Mount Nittany Health, I have been a patient here, and I have brought my family and loved ones here,” said Tony. “I have witnessed some of the most incredible care given by those I know by name. I am honored to be employed with some of the very best.”

Please join us in thanking Tony for sharing his incredible story with us, and for serving our country and community. Tony, we are so grateful for all you do, and for contributing to our mission of “Healthier people, stronger community.”