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Employee Recognition

Bethanna Edmiston Patient Access Associate

Bethanna Edmiston Patient Access Associate

One of the first friendly faces Mount Nittany Health patients and visitors encounter when they enter Mount Nittany Medical Center is Bethanna Edmiston, Patient Access Associate. From greeting patients with a warm smile, to providing clear directions and assistance, to answering phone calls, her kindness and professionalism make a significant impact on our patients’ overall experience. Bethanna consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone feels important, welcomed, and cared for.

“Caring is providing a warm and welcoming environment to all patients, visitors, and team members.”

It is not just the thousands of patients and visitors who pass through Mount Nittany Medical Center’s doors each year who benefit from Bethanna’s warm and caring demeanor. Her positive attitude and dedication to her job also make a difference for our staff. By creating a welcoming and inclusive environment, she helps to foster a sense of community and teamwork among everyone. According to those who work with her, it’s impossible to pass Bethanna without smiling.

Mount Nittany Health is grateful to have Bethanna as a valued team member and we would like to recognize her for being a shining example of excellence and for exemplifying Mount Nittany Health’s values.