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Celebrating Mount Nittany Health’s Employees

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Patton Township, College Township, the State College Borough, and the CBICC are honoring Mount Nittany Health employees by officially proclaiming May 8-12, 2023 as Mount Nittany Health Week in Centre County. Established in 2018, Mount Nittany Health Week celebrates our employees for all the hard work they do to serve the Centre region.

The official proclamations thank “the Board, leadership and team of Mount Nittany Health for their enduring legacy of service to the community.”

It goes on to say:

WHEREAS, the mission of Mount Nittany Health is “Healthier People, Stronger Community,” and

WHEREAS, Mount Nittany Health, with its 2,400 employees, 220 providers, and 19 locations, has provided more than 120 years of service and outstanding healthcare to our region, and

WHEREAS, Mount Nittany Health is a trusted partner in our region’s growth and development, and has honored this partnership through continual investments in people, programs, technology and facilities to ensure the community is well-served for future generations, and

WHEREAS, the Mount Nittany Health team brings compassion, expertise, and ongoing commitment to caring for our families, neighbors, and friends, and

Be it Resolved that these entities hereby join with Mount Nittany Health in celebrating Mount Nittany Health Week 2023 and commends the board, leadership and entire Mount Nittany Health team for its record of service to the region.

Kurt Kissinger, Chief Strategy Officer at Mount Nittany Health, thanked the officials for this recognition acknowledgement that Mount Nittany Health is an important community asset. As a community-governed system, the Mount Nittany Health team lives and works in our region, and believes this makes a positive difference in patient-care. Mount Nittany Health Week provides an opportunity to celebrate this team.

Throughout the week, Mount Nittany Health employees will be able to attend and participate in wide range of activities – in person and online – including games, scavenger hunts, caricature portraits, and more. Additionally, employees will be treated to snacks and meals at the Medical Center and the other locations. The week is a time where the Mount Nittany Health community comes together to celebrate the healthcare heroes who go above and beyond each day in service to the mission of “Healthier people, stronger communities.”

With more than 2,400 employees in 19 locations, Mount Nittany Health is grateful to the dedicated employees who are committed to providing patient-centered and compassionate care. Mount Nittany Health staff members bring compassion, expertise, and ongoing commitment to caring for the families, neighbors, and friends of the local community.

Founded in 1902, the Mount Nittany Medical Center began as an 8-bed infirmary in Bellefonte, Pa. More than 120 years later, Mount Nittany Health has grown as an independent, community-governed health system that serves more than 400,000 members of the community, and has more than 220 providers, 30 medical specialties, and 19 locations.

Thank you to Patton Township, College Township, the State College Borough, and the CBICC for recognizing Mount Nittany Health Week and honoring the incredible employees who serve our community.