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Celebrating the Future of Mount Nittany Health

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Mount Nittany Health is making significant investments in the Centre region by growing our skilled team of providers and making sure they have state-of-the-art facilities to deliver award-winning care.

The last decade alone has seen immense growth in demand for primary and specialty care providers, diagnostic testing, inpatient care, and outpatient services. Mount Nittany Health is responding with major capital projects that will have a lasting impact on the Centre region and beyond.

“Right now is a great moment for Mount Nittany Health,” said Kurt Kissinger, Chief Strategy and Development Officer, Mount Nittany Health. “We are building on our 120-year commitment to serve this community, and we’re doing it with significant, generational investments in our care environments and our people.”

The new Outpatient Center at Toftrees West and the Patient Tower at the Mount Nittany Medical Center are currently under construction. Other renovations include the new Women & Children’s Services unit, Laboratory Services, and the Dialysis Unit, along with the completion of Phase I of the Diagnostic Pavilion; the second phase is underway.

According to Kathleen Rhine, President and CEO, Mount Nittany Health, “I’m so proud of everyone who has been involved in planning for the new Patient Tower. It has been a true collaboration with everyone putting their heads together and working toward a common goal—outstanding patient care.”

“The new Patient Tower will help create a better environment for the medical staff and nursing professionals caring for our community members,” said Amber Shaw, RN, Manager, ICU/PCU, Mount Nittany Health. “We are here to take care of our patients. This is an investment in our patients, our community and all those staff that care for our patients in those communities.”

Recently, more than 130 local community members, business leaders and government officials joined Mount Nittany Health staff and board members to celebrate the future of Mount Nittany Health. At the event, Mount Nittany Health shared a video featuring prominent community members and volunteers, who talked about the importance of having a strong, community governed health system and their personal experiences with Mount Nittany Health.

“The people in the community are blessed to have Mount Nittany Medical Center,” said Sue Paterno, community member, volunteer, and philanthropist. “It’s all encompassing, no matter what we need –they [Mount Nittany Health] will provide.”

“A community hospital is owned and controlled by the community,” said Paul Silvis, Founder and CEO, SilcoTek. “The end result is better care for all of us.”

Over the next few years, Mount Nittany Health is investing more in our people, facilities and technology than at any other point in our 120-year service to the community. This commitment to excellence in all we do is at the heart of our mission of ‘Healthier people, stronger community.’ Follow along for more updates at