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Meet Daisy, Mount Nittany Health’s Newest Four-Legged Volunteer

Meet Daisy, Mount Nittany Health’s Newest Four-Legged Volunteer

Mount Nittany Health is pleased to announce that it has added a new four-legged friend to its Volunteer Pet Therapy Program. Daisy looks forward to bringing smiles and comfort to patients and team members in the coming weeks.

Daisy is a fun-loving family dog whose calming presence was meant to be shared with our community. She lights up a room when she walks in, and she makes new friends everywhere she goes. When she is not visiting with patients at the Medical Center, students in school, or being the spokes-pup for the Jared Box Project, you can find her asking for snacks or sneaking up on her sister’s bed to take a snooze. Daisy loves going for ATV rides and long hikes in the woods to look for new deer antlers she can chew on.

Daisy’s human, Mandy Biddle, summed up her work with a Pablo Picasso quote: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Daisy has found her gift and is extremely excited to share it with everyone at Mount Nittany Health. Once you see her sweet face, you’ll have no choice but to pet her because everyone needs a daily dose of Daisy.

Please join us in welcoming Mandy and Daisy to the volunteer team. We are so grateful that they are generously sharing their time and talents with our health system and community.

Mount Nittany Health’s Volunteer Pet Therapy Program was introduced in October 2023, bringing smiles and joy to our patients, employees, and guests. Therapy dogs have been shown to reduce stress, improve patient satisfaction, and contribute to a more positive outlook. The Volunteer Pet Therapy Program is a testament to our ongoing dedication to providing compassionate, patient-centered care, while contributing to our mission of “Healthier people, stronger community.” For more information, contact Monique Behrer, Volunteer Supervisor, Mount Nittany Health Foundation at