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Delia Behpour, PA-C, joins Mount Nittany Health Hematology-Oncology

Delia Behpour, PA-C, joins Mount Nittany Health Hematology-Oncology

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Mount Nittany Health is pleased to announce that Delia Behpour, PA-C, has joined Mount Nittany Health Hematology-Oncology.

“I joined Mount Nittany Health because there is a good work environment here, and their values regarding community are in line with my own,” said Behpour. “When you spend your daylight hours at work, it’s important to be with people who are pleasant and who work well as a team.”

As a former Air Force officer, Behpour feels that Mount Nittany Health’s values align with those she lived by in the Air Force – integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. “I am committed to outstanding care, and so is Mount Nittany Health,” said Behpour.

Behpour holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Master of Health Science in Physician Assistant Studies from Lock Haven University. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Medical Science degree. Nestled between her bachelor’s degree and her master’s degree, Behpour was a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force, receiving a health professions scholarship, attending Officer Training School, and becoming an officer in the United States Air Force Medical Corps.

“I was inspired to go into medicine by my grandfather and father, who are physicians,” Behpour said. “I witnessed an incredible patient-provider bond through my dad, and I’m driven to provide exceptional patient care like my father did.”

Early in Behpour’s career, she had the opportunity to work in the film industry – first as a child actress while her family lived in Germany, later as a voice actress, and eventually as a visual effects production assistant for Lucasfilm.

Today, when she’s not providing outstanding patient care, she plays soccer, sings in the Williamsport Civic Chorus, enjoys photography, and volunteers for several veteran-based organizations like Heroes and Horses, an equine therapy organization, and VETS+, a post-deployment community. “I know what many veterans go through, and I want to help them however I can; plus it is easy for me to connect with them,” she said. While living in California, she volunteered for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Mount Nittany Health’s cancer services provide comprehensive cancer care using the most innovative cancer therapies combined with compassionate, patient-centered care to treat every aspect of the disease.

Mount Nittany Medical Center is dedicated to delivering the highest level of oncology services and cancer care to anyone in the community impacted by this disease through an integrated network of physicians, providers, and partners.

The CANCER CARE PARTNERSHIP is a partnership between Mount Nittany Health and Penn State Cancer Institute. It provides state-of-the-art, personalized care for outpatient hematology, medical oncology, and infusion services. Patients benefit from the combined resources and expertise of Mount Nittany Health, the community’s trusted healthcare provider, and Penn State Health, the region’s leading academic health center. For more information about the CANCER CARE PARTNERSHIP, visit