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Maria Basedow, DO, joins the Mount Nittany Health’s Physician Group

Maria Basedow, DO, joins the Mount Nittany Health’s Physician Group

Mount Nittany Health is pleased to announce that Maria Basedow, DO, has joined Mount Nittany Health’s Physician Group at our Park Avenue location in State College.

“I always heard great things about Mount Nittany Health and wanted to contribute to the community I live in,” said Basedow. “Working closer to home is a big plus too.”

Basedow earned a Bachelor of Science from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, and her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine. She completed a family medicine residency at Mount Carmel Family Medicine and served as chief resident.

“I was chief resident during COVID and it was very challenging,” said Basedow. “But it was good experience for a physician.”

Focusing on the whole person is the patient care approach taken by Basedow. Getting to know people personally is a significant part of that style of care.

“I really like talking to people and getting to know them,” said Basedow. “If I can learn a little bit about them and their background, it helps me feel like I can treat them better.

Mental health and weight management are two areas of health care that Basedow has a keen interest in. Additionally, she has a passion for women’s health and preventative care including screenings and family planning.

“I tend to see quite a bit of mental health in my practice, as I think anybody in family medicine does so these days,” she said. “I enjoy taking care of patients with anxiety and depression and helping them through it. Working in weight management is something new to me, and I think it’s related to mental health because if you’re not feeling well, people tend to overeat or undereat.”

Born in Iraq, Dr. Basedow moved with her family to Sweden before coming to the United States. She is inspired by her parents’ hard work and perseverance to succeed in a new country.

“My dad was an English teacher in Iraq and my mother was an engineer. When they moved here, they had to start from the bottom and work their way up. To see how motivated and hardworking they were inspired me,” said Dr. Basedow.

A mother of two young children, Basedow and her husband enjoy walking and hiking local trails.

“Young children keep me busy in my free time, but we love going to the Arboretum,” she said. She also likes to cook and watch movies with her family.

Basedow will treat patients at Mount Nittany Health’s Physician Group location on Park Avenue in State College. Mount Nittany Health is a team of more than 220 healthcare providers offering 30 specialties in 19 locations across the region. To make an appointment, call 844-278-4600 or visit