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Patrick J. Allen, PA-C, joins Mount Nittany Health Hospitalist Program

Patrick J. Allen, PA-C, joins Mount Nittany Health Hospitalist Program


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Patrick Allen smiles
Mount Nittany Health is pleased to introduce Patrick Allen, PA-C, our newest healthcare team addition. Allen’s commitment to patient-centered care and diverse clinical experiences brings a valuable perspective to the Mount Nittany Health Hospitalist team and our community.

“I am truly honored to be a part of the Mount Nittany Health family. The warmth of Central Pennsylvania and the dedication of the healthcare professionals here deeply resonate with me,” expressed Allen. His journey to Mount Nittany Health began during an Emergency Medicine rotation while earning his degree, where the exceptional care and camaraderie among the healthcare providers inspired him.

Allen completed his Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies at Lock Haven University. His education was a comprehensive blend of classroom learning and focused clinical rotations in various medical disciplines.

At the heart of Allen’s care philosophy lies a strong belief in patient autonomy. He upholds the four pillars of medical ethics and recognizes the significance of shared decision-making between providers and patients. “Trust and understanding form the foundation of effective healthcare,” Allen said.

As a healthcare provider, Allen is motivated by the resilience he witnesses in his patients daily. Their determination and courage in the face of adversity are a source of inspiration. With a background in Cardiology, Internal Medicine, and Critical Care, Allen’s expertise spans various fields, contributing to his holistic approach to patient care.

Allen’s passion for healthcare extends beyond his professional life. A family tradition of medical service influences him. His father is a Neurologist and his younger sisters are pursuing careers in the medical field. Outside of medicine, Allen is an avid long-distance runner, a hobby he finds fulfilling and an opportunity to contribute to charitable causes.

Among his interests, Allen enjoys reading and writing fiction, aspiring to publish a series of novels someday. His pursuit of excellence is evident in his induction into the Pi Alpha Honor Society for Physician Assistants.

Allen’s commitment to patient well-being and his passion for healthcare make him a valuable asset to Mount Nittany Health. He is ready to embrace new challenges and contribute his expertise to our healthcare community. To learn more about the hospitalist program at Mount Nittany Health, visit or call 814.278.4818.