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Yuliya Safyanovskaya, PA-C, joins Mount Nittany Health Neurology

Yuliya Safyanovskaya, PA-C, joins Mount Nittany Health Neurology


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Mount Nittany Health is pleased to announce that Yuliya Safyanovskaya, PA-C, has joined Mount Nittany Health Neurology.

“My goal is to make patients comfortable and treat them like a family member,” said Yuliya. “I believe in combining holistic and traditional care and I also like to get patients involved in their care.”

Originally from Ukraine and fluent in Ukrainian and Russian, Yuliya spent the last 20 years in Brooklyn, New York. She earned a degree as a Physician Assistant from Pace University and holds a Master of Science in Medicine from Kiev Medical University.

Her 17 years of professional experience includes time at prestigious hospitals in New York including Brooklyn Methodist Hospital and New York University Hospital.

Since she’s new to Centre County, Yuliya looks forward to finding opportunities to keep moving as she settles into the area. She enjoys sports and hiking, and she is very passionate about travel and discovering new cultures. Other special interests include psychology and life coaching.

“Based upon research about State College and Mount Nittany Health, this looked like a great place to work,” said Yuliya. “After I met my co-workers, I knew this would be a good fit for me.”

Yuliya works at Mount Nittany Health Sieg Neuroscience Center, located on Old Gatesburg Road in State College.

The Sieg Neuroscience Center offers a combination of diagnosis and treatment for conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system, including sleep disorders. It houses the Mount Nittany Medical Center Sleep Management Program and Mount Nittany Health Neurology. To schedule an appointment, call 814.237.6868, or visit