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Please check our events calendar for upcoming classes and groups related to senior wellness. We also invite you to contact our case management department by calling 814.234.6153 for help finding the care you need.

Insurance Coverage

Seniors often face unique challenges when it comes to paying for medical care. In addition to Medicare and Medicaid considerations, there are resources in our area specifically designed to help senior patients get the health insurance benefits they need.

Learn more about Medicare, Medicaid and insurance coverage.

Housing and Care

Seniors often need to consider assistance or special housing accommodations to live more comfortably. Assessing your needs and researching your options are important parts of this process, and Mount Nittany Health is here to help.

Learn more about senior housing and care.

Community Support and Resources

The State College community, as well as organizations throughout central Pennsylvania, provide a wealth of resources to keep seniors connected to the care and socialization they need.

Learn more about community support and resources.