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Cancer Care

Lung Cancer Screening Program

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States and worldwide.

Lung cancer may be detected with a screening test called a low-dose computed tomography (low-dose CT) scan. This screening test can detect lung cancer at early stages.

Low-dose CT scan benefits

  • Low-dose CT scans can detect very small nodules (small amounts of extra tissue) in the lung.
  • Lung cancer found by this screening is often at an early stage of disease, which is better for treatment and outcomes.
  • The screening is painless and non- invasive.
  • A low-dose CT scan uses up to 90 percent less ionizing radiation than regular CT scans, and no radiation remains in the body after the scan.

Low-dose CT scan criteria

You may be eligible for an annual low-dose CT scan to screen for lung cancer if ALL of the following apply to you:*

  • Are a former or current smokers aged 50-77 (some insurances cover up to age 80)
  • Are a former (within the past 15 years) or current smoker who smoked at least one pack per day for 20 years (unless you quit more than 15 years ago)
  • No presence of lung cancer symptoms, if so, a non-low dose CT scan may be recommended

*Please talk with your doctor if you are interested in a lung cancer screening exam, have questions about the criteria or would like more information.

Lung cancer screening could save your life

Take the American Lung Association’s quiz to see if you should get screened for lung cancer.