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Cancer Care


State-of-the-art diagnostic tools and treatments for improved patient outcomes.

Today’s advances in digital imaging and radiation oncology systems are helping to provide oncologists with the images needed to detect and treat cancer earlier and more accurately.

Our patients receive state-of-the-art therapy, using the most sophisticated diagnostic and radiation oncology systems in the field of cancer treatment today.

Radiation Oncology Department is APEX accredited, demonstrating our high standards of excellence and quality.

Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT)

Combining sophisticated, state-of-the-art imaging and cancer treatment technologies in a single, powerful unit, the Truebeam ® stereotactic system is the most powerful, precise and versatile cancer-fighting technology available today.

Computerized tomography (CT) simulation

CT has become the standard for advanced therapy simulation and is the basis for precision mapping of cancer tumors for radiation treatments, including IGRT, inverse therapy planning and radiosurgery.

The ACQSIM, used at Mount Nittany Medical Center, is the industry’s most advanced 3D CT simulation system, giving the healthcare team the most accurate, precise visualization tools to plan radiation therapy.

SpaceOAR® Hydrogel

SpaceOAR Hydrogel acts as a spacer to reduce exposure of radiation to the rectum during radiation treatment of prostate cancer. Space OAR Hydrogel is injected before treatment in a minimally invasive procedure and stays in place for three months during treatment. SpaceOAR Hydrogel is then absorbed and leaves the body in the patient’s urine.


Xofigo is an injection that can be used to treat prostate cancer that is resistant to medical or surgical treatments that lower testosterone and has spread to the bones, but not other parts of the body. The injection goes to cancerous areas in the bones that are growing quickly.

Intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery

For patients with a brain tumor, intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery is a technique that delivers a high dose of precisely targeted radiation to a specific area of the brain. This type of treatment reduces the effects of radiation on normal brain tissue surrounding the treatment area.