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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Resources and support to help you in your recovery.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Your journey to recovery after a cardiac event is unique, and our mission is to support you through a variety of resources. Our program is backed by research and aimed at reducing the risk of future cardiac events. We offer personalized support, education, and guidance in the areas of exercise, nutrition, and emotional health.

Our Approach

Personalized Therapy Plan

We recognize that each patient has different needs and goals. That’s why we tailor your therapy plan to help you achieve your personal milestones. Our goal is to assist you in returning to your previous activities and enhancing your overall well-being.

Follow-up Appointment

At your follow-up appointment, you will receive an exercise prescription. We encourage you to review the provided packet before your appointment. Completing the physical fitness assessment, patient health questionnaire, and goal sheet will help us understand your requirements.

Exercise Resources at Your Fingertips

Getting started is made easy with our comprehensive exercise resources. We utilize the Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE), set cardiac rehabilitation goals, and help you determine your target heart rate for safe and effective workouts.

Nutrition Guidance

Our program doesn’t stop at exercise. We also provide valuable nutrition resources. From understanding carbohydrates and sodium, to exploring the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, we empower you to make informed choices for a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Online Support

Accessing support and information is just a click away. Explore websites like and

They provide general information on cardiovascular disease, live workouts, and nutrition guidance. These resources are designed to keep you informed and engaged throughout your journey.

Emotional Well-Being

We prioritize your emotional well-being with resources for stress management, anxiety, depression, and sleep. Our goal is to help you feel well-rounded in your recovery, addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of heart health.

Helpful Apps for Your Journey

Explore apps like SilverSneakers® GOTM, offering tailored workout programs that adjust to your fitness level. Additionally, myHeart and My Cardiac Coach provide comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation programs, exercise tracking, and vital sign monitoring – all accessible from the convenience of your home.

Connect and Thrive

Connect with other survivors and experts through the Support Network, fostering a sense of community and shared experiences. My Cardiac Coach also provides interactive lessons, progress trackers, and tools for medication management to empower you on your journey to recovery.