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Fit for Play

Fitness Services

Expert fitness programs for all skill levels.

Mount Nittany Health Fit for Play is your ideal destination for reaping the benefits of exercise in a welcoming and clean environment. Our fitness center boasts a complete range of amenities, including diverse cardiovascular equipment, weight training machines, free weights, and full locker room facilities. Whether you’re a beginner, have medical concerns, or are an older adult seeking to integrate exercise into your routine, we have tailored fitness programs for individuals and families.

Meet Our Trainers



Certified Personal Trainer


Certified Personal Trainer

What sets us apart:

  • Enjoy a hassle-free experience with no large crowds, minimal waiting times, and a pressure-free atmosphere
  • Encounter a supportive community where members encourage and smile at each other, promoting a positive environment
  • Benefit from the expertise of our friendly and knowledgeable staff, ensuring you receive guidance and assistance tailored to your needs
  • Our specialized equipment is designed to be gentle on the joints while providing an effective workout
  • We have short-term programs with no long-term commitments, offering flexibility in your fitness journey
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Zoe Porter, HFS

You can always reach your goals no matter who you are.

Zoe Porter, HFS Certified Personal Trainer

Trust the Experts

Whether you’re new to exercise, returning after years, or have concerns about an injury, we’ve got you covered. Our highly trained staff is ready to answer all your questions and guide you toward achieving your fitness goals. We make starting a fitness program fun and exciting!

Your initial fitness program with us includes an informative, FREE introductory personal training session, setting you on the right path from day one.

Fitness Program Pricing

All our programs come with unlimited access to the fitness center. Experience convenience without initiation fees or the need for long-term contracts. If you opt for our 3-month programs, they can easily be “frozen” if you plan to be away for more than 10 days.

For first-time members, a gift to you is our introductory training session. This session is designed to kickstart your fitness journey and set you on the path toward achieving your goals.

Individual Rates

3 Month Program: $150 | 1 Month Program: $60

Family Rates

3 Month Program: $230 | 1 Month Program: $85

Schedule a Tour

Discover the unique atmosphere of our facility by visiting us in person. Our space is designed with large windows throughout, creating a bright and open environment that defies the typical “gym” feel. We’d love to show you around and help you experience the welcoming and refreshing atmosphere that sets us apart. Call us today at 814.861.8122 and make an appointment to come see for yourself!