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Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine

Patient Resources

New patient forms and financial information to get you started.

New Patient Forms

For your convenience, and to save time, please complete the New Patient Health History form Updated 2023.

You can download a pre-appointment health history form and do one of the following:

  1. Print the form, write in your answers, and bring it to your consultation.
  2. Complete the form on your computer, print it, and bring it to your consultation.
  3. Complete the form on your computer and email it to

Financial Information

Almost all reconstructive surgeries are covered by insurance. However, most cosmetic procedures and surgeries are not.

For cosmetic procedures, we recommended Advance Care. Advance Care offers competitive interest rates and lending options. For more information, talk with our patient care manager or contact Advance Care at:
Customer Service: 1-800-432-9470; Phone Application 1-888-578-5450


Some patients will need to purchase CosmetAssure. For certain procedures, this insurance is required prior to surgery. It protects you from costs accrued for an inpatient hospital admission. The patient care manager can help you determine if you need this, or visit their website.