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Let Your Skin Glow with HydraFacial

Achieve an instant glow with HydraFacial®’s three simple steps: cleanse and peel, hydrate and extract, and fuse and protect. Its nourishing ingredients and unique technology work together to provide incredible results. Smooth, refine,
restore, brighten, and hydrate your skin all in one treatment. This treatment is good for all skin types and is avaialble for $145.

Top off your glow with a Smurf Berry Hydration Mask & Dermaplane! Add a Hydrafacial eye ($35) and lip treatment ($22) to enhance your results.

Hurry in, this special is valid from March 1, 2024 through May 31, 2024.

Scheduling your appointment by calling (814) 231-7878 or via your patient portal!