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Kimberly Saltsman

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Kimberly Saltsman
Forensic Interviewer, Children’s Advocacy Center of Centre County

Kimberly Saltsman, Forensic Interviewer, Children’s Advocacy Center, is an incredible asset to Mount Nittany Health. She is admired and appreciated by her fellow colleagues and other experts in her field. Her reputation as a skilled interviewer of children who have been abused or have witnessed a crime has resulted in the respect of local law enforcement, organizations in surrounding counties, and those within the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

“Caring is providing children and families a safe and comfortable space where children can share their experience, while knowing they are being heard, and then be connected to resources in an effort to promote their healing.”

During a recent regional training, the Children’s Advocacy Center of Centre County was identified by the FBI as one of the Children’s Advocacy Centers they most love to work with because of the outstanding interviews performed by Kimberly. Kimberly was also applauded for providing outstanding child and family care.

“Kimberly has been the common thread in the day-to-day operation of the Children’s Advocacy Center since May of 2014,” said one of her colleagues. “Her dedication is demonstrated in her preparation, attention to detail, and the invaluable insight she provides as a key member of the multi-disciplinary investigation team that serves Centre County and the surrounding areas.”

Founded in 2014, the CAC is one of 40 Pennsylvania Children’s Advocacy Centers and currently serves four counties. Since its inception, the Center has assisted in over 2,800 cases. The organization is a nonprofit and offers its services to victims and their families at no charge. No child is denied services.