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Cord Blood Stem Cells Offer Hope for Treatment

1 min read

Join us in recognizing the importance of cord blood stem cells and their potential to save lives! Cord blood is blood found in the umbilical cord that contains valuable stem cells that can be used in treating various diseases and conditions. When babies are born parents have the option to store or donate this blood. From leukemia to genetic disorders, these powerful cells have the potential to make a significant impact on someone’s life.

Cord blood stem cells have been successfully used in transplants for over 80 different conditions, including cancers, blood disorders, and immune system disorders. They offer hope for patients who may not find a suitable donor elsewhere.

As parents, you have the opportunity to make a life-saving decision by choosing to donate your baby’s cord blood or storing it privately for your family’s future needs. Mount Nittany Medical Center offers a cord blood donation program through the Dan Berger Cord Blood Program. Check out for more information.

Let’s spread awareness about cord blood stem cells. Help us educate others about the incredible potential and benefits they hold. Together, we can make a difference and give more people a chance at a healthier future.