September 28 - Know if you’re at risk for Peripheral Artery Disease

May 07, 2021
Monday Health Minute
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  • Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) occurs when plaque build-up in the veins affects blood flow in the legs and feet. While PAD affects millions of Americans, about half of those who have PAD do not have any signs or symptoms.
  • The following are risk factors for PAD:
    • History of diabetes or heart problems among immediate family (i.e., parents and siblings)
    • Having a history of diabetes or heart problems (e.g., high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, mini-stroke or transient ischemic attack) yourself
    • Having poor circulation
    • Being inactive
    • Smoking

Mount Nittany Physician Group Cardiology’s Vein and Vascular Clinic treats PAD along with other similar conditions. For more information, email or visit

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