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Why Choose Mount Nittany Health Behavioral Health Services?

Mount Nittany Medical Center’s behavioral health services team provides short-term, inpatient care for adults in acute behavioral health crises. We are committed to a holistic, evidence-based approach that strives to provide safe, comfortable, and confidential care.

What makes this Behaviral Health Unit (BHU) successful is the commitment of the staff to continue implementing the core values of Mount Nittany Health in a trauma-informed way when treating patients who are likely at their most vulnerable state of mind.

The goals of the BHU are to:

  • Eliminate risks of potential harm to self or risks to others
  • Assess altered thought processes and functioning
  • Identify ineffective coping skills
  • Discuss new and healthy ways to regulate mood and behaviors
  • Collaborate with resources to establish a successful reentry into the community

Our Approach

Our approach is built on three pillars – safety, comfort, and confidentiality. We understand the challenges patients face, and will provide a secure, stable environment. Our goal is to help them learn and practice new coping skills through individual, family, and group therapy.

The work we do with individuals is largely based on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) interventions. Because this unit is not structured for ongoing intense therapeutic treatment, the focus of groups is often on identifying cognitive distortions, distress tolerance, and emotion regulation.

While it is important to understand what these services offer, it is also essential to be involved in aftercare and safety planning.

Behavioral Health Services

  • Inpatient short-term crisis stabilization mental health care provided by an interdisciplinary team consisting of board certified psychiatrists, licensed Master’s level Social Workers, a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Registered Nurses, and Psychiatric Counselors.
  • Collaborate with natural supports and community resources and agencies for aftercare

Behavioral Health Pillars of Treatment


Patients sometimes face a situation that poses a threat to themselves or others. We prioritize establishing a safe, stable environment for patients and staff.


We want our patients to feel as comfortable as possible during their stay. Patients wear ordinary clothing to provide a less-clinical, more-relaxed atmosphere.


Patients must sign a release form for staff to share any information (including their status as a patient) with family, support people, or outpatient treatment providers.