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Why Choose Mount Nittany Health Diabetes Care?

Diabetes is a chronic disease caused by the body producing elevated levels of blood sugar (also called glucose). Over time, this can lead to serious damage to many vital organs.

Living with diabetes is challenging and requires daily management. However, with proper education and medical care patients can live a full life. Mount Nittany Health’s team of providers is committed to helping you understand diabetes. We aim to educate everyone in the community about ways to prevent diabetes. We also help treat and manage patients who have been diagnosed.

Our outpatient Diabetes Education program is accredited through the Association for Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (ADCES).

Our Approach

Diabetes care often starts with your primary care provider. All Mount Nittany Health primary care locations have providers that specialize in diabetes. They can refer you to other areas for specialty diabetes care as needed.

Our team works with each patient to develop the best care to support their ongoing needs. We address every aspect of diabetes including education, nutrition, monitoring glucose levels, self-management, and more.

Diabetes care teams include physicians, nurse practitioners, dieticians, nurse educators, and pharmacists. They work closely together to help patients coordinate care and manage their diabetes.

Diabetes Services

  • Primary care physicians and staff trained in early diagnosis and treatment of diabetes
  • Pre-diabetes services and prevention education focused on lifestyle changes
  • Gestational diabetes support and treatment
  • Diabetic nutritional counseling for inpatient and outpatient screening, assessment, and education
  • Self-management education with certified diabetes educators
  • Education, prevention, and treatment services for complications related to diabetes, diabetes foot clinic, and Center for Wound Care
  • Treatment for insulin resistance syndrome (metabolic syndrome)