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Diabetes Care

Your Diabetes Team

Mount Nittany Health’s diabetes team offers a full range of clinical, nutritional, and educational services.


As the leader of your diabetes team, a physician manages the complex processes related to a diabetes diagnosis, including treatment plans and monitoring.

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioners follow you through evaluations, treatments, medication changes, and referrals for care related to diabetes. They provide guidance on insulin use, track cholesterol and glucose levels, adjust medications, and more.


Dietitians educate patients on carbohydrate counting and sliding scale dose calculation related to insulin regimens.

Certified Diabetes Educator

Certified Diabetes Educators provide Diabetes Self-Management Education and education and guidance for patients regarding continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps.

In many cases, education can be the key to managing or even preventing diabetes, its progression, and related complications. Mount Nittany Health offers many programs to teach patients, caregivers, and clinicians how to best deal with diabetes.

Nurse Educator

Nurse Educators teach new skills associated with a diabetes diagnosis. They explain to patients and their caregivers how to inject insulin, manage hypoglycemia, transition to insulin pump therapy. This training allows patients to monitor glucose and self-manage their diabetes.


A pharmacist can assist with adjustment of medications, titration of insulin doses, and make recommendations to decrease cost or quantities of medications. These steps are always done in collaboration with the provider that is managing a patient’s diabetes. In some cases, pharmacists can recommend financial assistance programs to help with high-cost medications.