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Troy Solt, Information Services

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Troy Solt
Information Services

The Information Services Department plays a critical role in the efficient and effective operation of Mount Nittany Health. This incredibly dedicated team of nonclinical healthcare professionals is responsible for managing and maintaining the health system’s many information technology systems, including its electronic medical record system, network infrastructure, and communication systems. They are also dedicated to mitigating cybersecurity threats. Their important work plays a critical role in allowing Mount Nittany Health’s frontline staff to provide excellent, efficient patient care.

“Stewardship is using cutting edge technology to streamline patient care.”

Troy Solt, Information Services, has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to using technology to improve processes and services within Mount Nittany Health. He has played an instrumental role in implementing critical systems that have resulted in increased efficiency and productivity for Mount Nittany Health’s many departments and service lines. As a master problem solver, he is always ready to tackle any challenge that comes his way. His colleagues agree that he brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to each project he takes on, while consistently gathering feedback from staff to ensure their information technology needs are being met.

What truly sets Troy apart is his commitment to stewardship. He understands the importance of using our resources wisely and responsibly, as he works to ensure that our technology systems are reliable, secure, and efficient. Troy approaches every project with a deep understanding of how it will impact our organization as a whole, seeking out new technologies and approaches to improve and streamline operations, while never losing sight of our mission and values.

Please join us in thanking Troy for his hard work, dedication, and years of service to Mount Nittany Health. We are grateful for the vast wealth of knowledge he brings to our organization and for contributing to our mission of, “Healthier people, stronger community.”